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brbz · jerking · off

news? what the fuck

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Sorry to spoil the erection we've been supplying you with the past few years, but I have some news.

This little community has undergone a few changes as of today. First, I've taken the liberty of giving it its own domain forwarding URL, which means you can access the site now with the following link:


With this I've changed the site's display name or whatever, too. I like it better. All is explained in the user info. The username isnt changed cause that costs like 20 bucks which is pretty lame. Maybe someday, but I may just rather put that toward making this a self-owned site.

As I also mention there, we're planning to sell shirts and crap here at some point (this year?). We like shirts and we hope you do too. Probably I'll do some mock-ups soon at some point for the fuck of it, or get dion to. Please don't worry -- we do not like advertising and will not turn into whores. If you are some kind of shirt person, contact me and maybe we can do some kind of sleazy backroom deal. Maybe we'll just go with TopatoCo, cause they are fantastic. Actually yes, I just decided that's what we're going to do. See? I can make snappy business decisions. Not that this is a business. Um yeah.

Finally there's now a 'news' category, for posts like this. Probably won't use it much.


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