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brbz jerking off

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funny bullshit msn conversations probably about sex, death, cancer, niggers, or politics
brbjerkingoff is a ressurection of cockslap jesus. its run by myself (sean) and (spiritually) bill. as of feb. 09 we've moved to our own site (link above).

(10:47 AM) मुक्ति:
what would be a good place for our site
i wanna do it now
(10:48 AM) Chaos Disorder R: (0(|<1|\|6 |)1(|< (0(|<5
(10:49 AM) मुक्ति: oh cmon i dont know what the hell that means
(10:49 AM) Chaos Disorder R: ahahah
you fail
cocking dick cocks
translated from 1337
and i dunno
i mean no matter where we put it it probably won't get noticed
(10:50 AM) मुक्ति: i dont care really, i just figure theres better chances somewhere else. but if it fails it fails, i still dont care, i just want a place to post this crap
(10:50 AM) Chaos Disorder R: then blogspot or whatever, i guess
(10:50 AM) मुक्ति: im thinking livejournal or blogger
cause livejournal is easy to update and then maybe all the douchebags we make fun of would see it
(10:51 AM) Chaos Disorder R: blogger = blogspot
(10:51 AM) मुक्ति: yeahhh i thought so
(10:51 AM) Chaos Disorder R: fag
(10:51 AM) मुक्ति: indeed
so lj or blogspot
(10:51 AM) Chaos Disorder R: i don't care
brb jerking off

and so it was born.